Volunteer EVS in Macedonia

01/01/2018 – 28/12/2018 all-day
YMCA Bitola
Panda Chesnova
7000 Bitola
Jovche Krsteski
+389 47 610 669

Membership and volunteering is the most common way for those interested to join the YMCA Bitola. We offer participation in volonteer service, visit training camps, participation in other activities and other opportunities.

EVS (European Voluntary Service) is a program from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union which allows young people between 17-30 years old to volunteer abroad for 2-12 months.

The European Union covers all costs in order to promote values such as: active citizenship, tolerance, mutual understanding, solidarity.

This program once in a lifetime offers an experience where volunteers have the opportunity to get to know other cultures, to become independent, to gain working skills, to train for teamwork, to travel and learn a language as well as to receive a Youthpass certificate.

If volunteers volunteer on a long-term project, they can do EVS only once, except if their first service is up to 2 months they can apply again for a project up to 10 months.

EVS is not a paid job, language course, internship or tourism, although it contains elements of everything stated.

The projects you can apply have a variety of themes (over 50) and it’s yours to choose whether you want to work with children or in theater or perhaps with people with disabilities, social work, to teach a language, learn how to manage an organization, working on camps, etc.

If you like to volunteer in Bitola check the latest calls for volunteers to do EVS at YMCA Bitola, and If you have sending organizations willing to apply, contact us, complete the EVS application form in WORD and send it to us on: evs@ymcabitola.org.mk.

Check your knowledge about EVS.


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