Annual Community Fundraising Drive for GLOW & YMLP Camps

06/11/2018 – 23/12/2018 all-day
YMCA Bitola
Panda Chesnova
7000 Bitola
Viktor Iliev
+389 47 610 669


Macedonia is a small country with big potential. In this young country coping with long-standing ethnic and economic divisions, opportunities are limited for the youth of Macedonia. The young people here need experience in leadership and a deeper dedication to cross-cultural understanding for a brighter future.

Since 2002, YMCA Bitola strives to empower the youth of Macedonia by creating opportunities in non-formal education so they can develop their inherent potential. A large part of YMCA Bitola’s efforts to achieve this goal is focused on Camps Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) and Young Men’s Leadership Project (YMLP). Every year, with the help of Peace Corps Volunteers, YMCA Bitola hosts these eight-day camps that give 160 young men and women from all walks of life and every corner of Macedonia the tools to become active leaders in their communities, break down cultural barriers, and create positive change for their own futures.

Both GLOW and YMLP provide an unparalleled chance for the youth of Macedonia to gain hands-on experience leading others while learning about civic responsibility, leadership, women’s empowerment, personal development, environmentalism and youth employability skills in a one-of-a-kind, American-style summer camp. In addition to providing an unforgettable week for these campers, GLOW and YMLP have proven they make a meaningful impact on Macedonia.

In 2018
– 9 of 10 campers said that they will volunteer and are better prepared to be leaders in their communities
– 9 of 10 campers reported that as a result of camp, they had made a lasting relationship with someone from another ethnic group
– 9 of 10
 campers said that they understand the importance of taking care of the environment and
– 8 of 10 campers said that they plan to involve more in the GLOW & YMLP program as staff, club member or join a civic organization.

The majority of campers returned home and developed 17 GLOW and YMLP service clubs around the country from the ground up, reaching over 300 youth in Macedonia. These campers make their communities better!

YMCA Bitola invests $282 USD in every camper’s experience. But through efficient budgeting and generous corporate and community support, YMCA Bitola is proud to make these camps available to the youth of Macedonia for less than $35 USD each. In other words, campers pay only 12% participation and 88% of the costs are covered by the corporate partners.

To make these camps sustainable for years to come, we need your help! We need to invest in the infrastructure of the camp and strengthen our resources so we can continue to provide these wonderful opportunities for the youth of Macedonia. We are asking for your support to raise 7% of our total budget for the 2019 GLOW and YMLP Camps.

Every dollar helps! We are looking forward to your partnership in empowering the youth of Macedonia!

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