Повик за долгорочен ЕВС проект во ИМКА Данска – Фредриксберг

01/09/2018 – 31/05/2019 all-day
Café Paraplyen – YMCA’s Sociale Arbejde
Nyelandsvej 66 2000 Frederiksberg

1 EVS placement in YMCA Denmark (KFUM Denmark) in Frederiksberg

The EVS volunteer will be part of the running of the social café – incl. the house in general: cooking, shopping, preparing for and clearing up after activities, cleaning the café, serving guests (when the level of Danish is reasonably fluent), as well as talking to and supporting guests and vulnerable volunteers.

Taking part in volunteer meetings monthly, as well as the daily breakfast meeting from 9:30-10:00. Work days will be arranged, but will include weekend duties too. The volunteer will be encouraged to meet up with other volunteers in Copenhagen.

It is important that the volunteer is a reasonably outgoing person, or at least interested in having this as a goal for their  personal development. The volunteer is expected to show an interest in getting to know both guests and volunteer colleagues – by being curious. The volunteer is also expected to show an interest in learning Danish, and learning about the Danish cultural traditions as well as the Danish history – ideally by talking to guests and other volunteers about this.

The volunteer is also expected to share interesting aspects from his/her own culture.  We would hope the volunteer would do a talk/slideshow towards the end of the volunteer stay regarding the volunteer experience as well as sharing cultural aspects in an informal way.

We would be prepared to have a volunteer with special needs – if the volunteer is prepared to be part of a big and active house in the Copenhagen area. The house has a staircase, so it is not possible to have a volunteer who is a wheelchair user.

More information here.
If you are interested, this is the application.
Deadline is 1 of July 2018.

www.kfumsoc.dk  – the website for the whole organization

www.paraplyenfrb.dk – the website for the café including traditional menu.

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