GLOW & YMLP camps recognition ceremony with corporate partners

This is the fourth year in a row we organize the GLOW and YMLP camps recognition ceremony where we invite about fifty corporate social partners to join and share our story of camps.

During the event, we share our gratitudes to our corporate partners who have been with us sponsoring the camps program, but also investing in the education of young people and future leaders of Macedonia.

For those who are coming at the event for the first time , we provide opportunity to inform them about two superb youth leadership programs in Macedonia, the GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) and YMLP (Young Men’s Leadership Project) camps.

Thus far, both YMLP and GLOW have relied heavily on U.S. Embassy funding. For these programs to become sustainable, the necessary support must come from Macedonia’s companies. The corporate representatives have the opportunity to: 1) demonstrate their corporate social responsibility; 2) build good will for their company and the products and services they provide; and 3) create a legacy in developing the future leaders of Macedonia, by being a camp sponsor.

At the event the guests have opportunity to listen former campers about their experiences at camp and how GLOW and YMLP have helped them to shape their personality and to become individuals who are today – active, engaged, and confident Macedonian leaders. These are the Macedonia’s bright and inspiring leaders for the future. Investing in GLOW and YMLP is investing in the future of Macedonia.

The event so far have taken place at the residence of the USA Ambassador in Macedonia who is a great supporter, friend and guest at our camps. The event is hosted by YMCA Bitola and our main partner is Peace Corps Macedonia.

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