CLUBS of GLOW & YMLP campers

01/01/2017 – 31/12/2017 all-day
Viktor Iliev
070 594 341

GLOW and YMLP Clubs are long-standing youth-led Clubs housed in diverse communities around Macedonia. The Clubs around the country provide an opportunity for young men and women to become leaders in their communities. These youth are often GLOW or YMLP Camp alumni who, through GLOW and YMLP Club activities, are able to apply what they have learned at Camp about leadership and civic engagement in their communities. Clubs hold two monthly meetings and are responsible for one community service project each academic semester.

Mission Statement:

GLOW and YMLP Clubs in Macedonia empower youth to start and maintain locally -oriented leadership clubs in their community. With a strong commitment to equality and diversity, GLOW and YMLP clubs focus on important aspects of community development; including youth leadership, civic engagement and volunteerism, environmentalism, and personal development. Local GLOW and YMLP clubs prepare and propel youth to cultivate their leadership skills so that they may become the leaders in their homes, schools, communities, and in the world.

The mission of GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), is to develop the inherent potential found in the young women of Macedonia by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become active leaders in their communities. This is accomplished through experiential education that celebrates diversity, builds academic and social competencies, and promotes English language literacy, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and creative expression.

The Young Men’s Leadership Project (YMLP) seeks to develop the core values of social inclusion, commitment to democratic processes, and civic engagement in the emerging leaders of Macedonia in an inter-cultural environment, while providing participants with the personal and professional life skills that will make them effective and responsible citizens.

At this moment we support the GLOW and YMLP youth clubs in 25 communities all over Macedonia. There are 18 GLOW clubs and 7 YMLP clubs. Check the GLOW fan pages and YMLP fan pages of the clubs near your community.

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