Membership and volunteering are the most common way for interested youth to engage in the YMCA. То the members and volunteers we offer participation in volunteering service, attend training, camps, and other opportunities. Volunteering is the best way to gain experience, learn new skills, build own resume, personal and professional development, travel and helping our community at the same time.

Want to volunteer?

Depending on your interest, motivation, qualifications and expectations, as well as the needs of YMCA in given moment, we work together to identify area and activities in which you can engage in order to achieve personal success and success of the workplace. We offer the following volunteering positions:

  • At the summer camps GLOW & YMLP. We offer 4 volunteering positions for camp staff (facilitators, counselors, logistics and coordinators). The call for volunteers is opening at the end of the year.
  • At the international E+ trainings, exchanges and camps. We need team leaders.
  • In the youth clubs GLOW & YMLP.
  • At the YMCA office in Bitola. We have a need of administrative, logistics and multimedia support.

Follow us for open calls or contact us on: contact@ymcabitola.org.mk.

For more information on the program activities we work you can red in activities.

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