Meet Bojan, the EVS photographer at Olde Vechte

I was studying History of Art on the ‘Saints Cyril and Methodius’ University of Skopje. Hiking and photography are my hobbies.

I have never lived abroad before, so I was searching for an option how to go somewhere and Wider Horizon was the perfect opportunity for me. Also, I wanted to participate in Event Wise one day.

I remember that when I arrived in Olde Vechte there were two or three people, and they were quite welcoming. My first impression was amazing. I’m going to be there for two months! They provided me with a bike, and showed me where I’m going to live.

In the first moment, I was excited, confused and happy at the same time. But I know that I wanted this and that everything it’s gonna be alright.

After two months I was honestly sad that my Wider Horizon is finishing because we connected really well with the whole group and it was really awesome to live together with all those people. We had so much fun and so much sharing between us

There are a few reasons why I decided to come for the long term EVS. When I come here for the first time and when I saw how the people are living here, and how the things are happening, I was just impressed. Another reason is that I met my girlfriend here during Wider Horizon project, and both of us decided to come back.

I had a lot of experiences here in Olde Veche. I learnt so many new things, new techniques and skills. I improved my English and my cooking skills. I was also helping with supporting the training courses in OV.

My friends were so supportive to me, with everybody that I spoke, they said that is a really good opportunity for me. To improve myself and to explore more.

My plan is to work in the kitchen as much time as possible, and also to take some of the trainings. I want also to make some project with photography and support the organisation as much as I can.

You can see some of Bojan’s photoson Facebook here and here!

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