Here and now

Here and Now was a training course for 26 youth workers from 8 countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Romania), held from 25th July-1st August 2018, in Izvoare, Maramures, Romania. A project organized by YMCA Baia Mare Association, funded by Erasmus Plus Program. Participants were of age 18 +  youth workers, young leaders, active volunteers in their organizations, volunteer coordinators, staff etc. they were the beneficiaries of this event.

Developing social and civic competences (e.g. critical thinking, communication skills, trust, helpfulness, problem solving skills, leadership, acceptance and tolerance, intercultural learning), by experimenting various non-formal education methods using outdoor as a tool for social inclusion were the main purposes of this training. Supporting the participants in creating and designing  different and innovative outdoor methods for inclusion in order to reach the disadvantaged youth, as well as promoting the importance of non-formal education methods for social inclusion were the main goals.

First days of the training were activities within the indoors, brainstorming games,  and discovering the style of communication. The other days we had activities like energizers, teamwork, hiking, rope techniques, reflections, we had intercultural night, the ‘World Café’ and similar. We had the chance to discuss with a group of  participants our ideas for creating our own activity, and doing it with other participants.

Every journey can profoundly change the way we experience our world, and this one was unique and invaluable for my personal growth.  It was a great opportunity to learn about new cultures, communicate with people, share different views and reflections. Achieving goals together and making a joint effort, was among all activities and had an important role in building of my skills. As a further matter, it increased my wish to acquire new knowledge, and develop because only by self-improvement can we contribute in society and affect others as well.

The Here&Now is all have, and if we play it right it’s all we need!!!”

“After some time of being off from these kinds of trainings I revived myself and let myself become one with everything we did. I was curious about every activity and forced my mind to think “How should we do this one?” and we came up all with different ideas, gained trust in each other, challenged ourselves, learned and in the end had great results. I met people that taught me how to care and love each other, others who inspired me to never stop dreaming and reach my goals. I made friends and had wonderful moments that I’ll never forget.

These training opened the curtains and offered me the chance to see a colorful multicultural world, take something from everyone’s uniqueness, learned new things and enhanced my professional skills. The youth has so much to give, world can be a better place to live and Erasmus is there for it.”

The video from the event can be seen here. Photos here.


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