Being a participant in “Practicing Coaching Workshop” in Hollókő, Hungary from 4 to 12 of October with 16 young people from different countries, created a turning point in my life.  This workshop helped me realize the reasons behind the difficulties in me reaching my full potential. Together with 16 others, we went on a journey inside of our thoughts, emotions, and moods, and we gave each other our full support in order to become better people. In the small but very beautiful ethnic village of Hollókő, 100 kilometers from Budapest, I experienced the biggest change in me as a person. I was not aware of that at the time, when my director asked me, “Svetlana, do you want to participate in Practicing Coaching Training for Beginners?” I didn’t think even for one second that I would be so thankful for his invitation.

The location of the training, the trainers, participants, activities, communication, and the enthusiasm of young people from different countries to learn and have new experiences, would create a connection so strong that it is not simple for me to express in words. We learned theory about techniques for coaching, the importance of verbal, non-verbal, and vocal communication, and how to use them in everyday life. Most importantly we learned from each other through the activities that we made as a group and individually. We gained many new skills, impacted each other, and at the same time acknowledged each other.

The program was impeccably planned by the trainers. The trainers paid special attention to even the smallest details, yet made the program flexible in order to adapt to our learning and growing. Every trainer had a different approach and method for working with us. When I think of them as a whole, they were powerful because of their differences. Their synergy was amazing and had a positive impact on all of us. We were from different countries and cultures. We came from different environments, yet we worked and acted devotedly and with passion facing our dilemmas and fears. We began to focus ourselves on positive things, which we will take us closer to realizing our dreams. Like Lego bricks, through the content of the training, both participants and trainers integrated and functioned in unity.

The emphasis of the training was on answering the question: “How to take the step from being able to and knowing, to wanting, daring and doing?” For me, it was also very important that I learned about “neuro-logical levels”, which is a model used for determining what contributes to a person experiencing difficulties and obstacles regarding the environment, behavior, skills, motivation, beliefs, identity, and vision.

I discovered that the biggest obstacle for me was that I didn’t let myself focus on my vision for my life because of the people in my environment. I was expecting words of support and encouragement, and didn’t get it. This expectation led me to adopt a wrong philosophy and to take inappropriate actions in gaining the necessary skills for helping me be closer to my goal. Furthermore, since not having the necessary skills to reach my goal, I didn’t have the motivation to make a change, because that wouldn’t fit with my beliefs. The wrong beliefs made me choose a wrong identity for me, and the vision meant that I wasn’t able to recognize how environment, behavior, skills, motivation, beliefs, and identity contribute to the vision of my life.

Now becoming aware of my obstacles I know that I am on the right road to accomplishing my dream. You may ask me, “How do I know?”  My answer is simple.  Since the biggest obstacle and difficulty for me was my living environment, I changed my environment and accepted the challenge to be an EVS volunteer and to go to live in the Netherlands, a country that is totally different from my country of origin. From this new environment, I am adopting a new life philosophy, I am learning and I am becoming aware of the skills which will get me closer to reaching my goal. Furthermore, I am motivating myself by changing my beliefs. Changing my beliefs will get me to the point of changing my identity and to choosing the right road to have a vision for my life.

During this one-week training, I received tremendous support from people that I didn’t know before. I didn’t know their beliefs, their goals in life, yet they believed in my potential, inspired me with their speeches, and persuaded me to search for new solutions in pursuit of my happiness. All those people left a mark on me. All their suggestions, advice, and energy will be part of me forever, and I take it with me wherever I go. I received more support than I could have imagined, certainly more than I expected, support I didn’t receive from my environment in Macedonia. I am now brave enough to fight for my full potential in a profession in which I will be happy and fulfilled.

I want to say a big “thank you” to the following NGOs:  Solidarites Jeunesses, Syncro, Egyesek Youth Association, Olde Vechte Foundation, Izdievu Ideju, and Synergy Romania, NGOs from Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Latvia, and Romania for involving me as a participant in this training. I want to say “thank you” to the trainers and participants for leaving a mark on my personality, and to encourage them to continue their work in organizing these kind of trainings. They assure participants that they can make a positive change in their lifes.

I also want to encourage you to think about participating in this kind of training, to invest in yourself and to dedicate yourself to becoming a better person, to reach your dreams in life, because believe me: YOU CAN DO IT. YOU ALL CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE. The first step is to start to believe in yourself, to find a people who believe in your potential, and to work with passion and dedication on the steps and strategy in reaching your goal. Miracles are real and happening, and I am telling you this because I experienced a miracle!

Photo gallery of the event.

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