Coaching Training in Hungary

Egyesek Coaching Training was an educational program focused on improving basic coaching and mentoring skills. It happened from 22nd to 31st of May 2019. Organized by the Egyesek Youth Association from Hungary, with its partners Smokinya Foudation, Solidarity Mission, ESTYES, L’Arca del Blues, ZigZag Prin Romania and Ticket2Europe, this event gathered 24 participants from 8 countries: N. Macedonia, Greece, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Spain. It was held in Holoko, Hungary.

The training was intended for youth workers, mentors and people working with group work settings, with people. The goal of the training was to equip participants with tools for self-evaluation and coaching skills, providing them frame for what is called “mentoring of the young people”, which is something that is often happening in the volunteering practice.

The activities of the training were mainly learning different techniques through practicing them, learning from each other and learning from the experiences of others. Various self-evaluation methods were used, originating from theatrical practice, various types of dances, practicing methods for sensing the body, osho meditations were practiced for relaxation, we were exercising improvement of nonverbal communication, connecting with the other and cooperation, as well as managing our emotions .

This training made me more familiar with coaching and thanks to it, I understood the differences between mentoring and coaching, I practiced the tools and techniques that I’ve learned in the coaching sessions, I found my coaching style and improved my communication (verbal and nonverbal).

The training was good because after every learned technique, there was a space for practicing it, which means that knowledge was not only applicable, but I had also opportunity to try it out and experiment with various techniques on the spot. Now I can apply that knowledge of communicating in everyday life, but I also realized that it is very useful for working with young people, as well are the other tools in the coaching part that we’ve learned. Truly, it was very useful training!

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