Why to donate to YMCA?

YMCA is a longstanding and successful organization. Established in May 2002 in Bitola, we work continuously on long-term and sustainable projects, not just on short-term isolated initiatives. Our long term goals and directions for action are clear and visible; they inform all of the work we do on our programs. 

We are transparent and our work is open to the public. Information about our activities is published on our website as well as on social media. We work continuously to increase our accountability; by publishing our quarterly newsletter and regular Annual Report, we keep our stakeholders informed of all of the different ways YMCA Bitola makes a positive impact on the community.

We directly impact over 2,500 people through our annual activities. Your support can be directed towards amplifying that impact in our community on national level, amplifying the impact we make on the wider community in Macedonia. We also offer you an opportunity to focus your support on any of the specific programs we complete annually.

Your support motivates us to continue our activities which empower young people!

Donate as individual

• Confirm that you are an active member of our greater community by investing in a program which amplifies your positive contribution to its improvement;
• Encourage others to think positively, to engage in addressing community issues, and to contribute to the development of a more human, more just and more successful society.

Donating to established non-profit organizations is the right way to help the community. Our work allows us to know the needs of the community, act strategically, and make a greater impact on citizens.

How can I donate as individual?

• There are several ways to donate: with a financial transaction on our account, through a web-based on-line donation platform, a donation box, or material goods in our premises.
• To arrange financial or in-kind donation, send us e-mail with your interest on our e-mail:
If you would like to make an in-kind donation, YMCA is currently accepting donations of: computers, office materials, camp equipment, sport equipment, goods that can be used as promotional material and in printing services.

Donate and become our corporate partner

• Innovate and create new social values ​​and goods through the implementation of social responsibility policies.
• Connect with people from your community in a unique way. Donations give companies an opportunity to encourage the development of a more humane society that will create equal opportunities for all citizens.
• Philanthropic actions can generate significant benefits to your company.  Philanthropic activities of companies are the most visible aspect of corporate social responsibility. Your actions will reinforce the image of your company as an institution that cares and invests in the well-being of the community in which it operates. Philanthropic actions can impact sales as a consequence of the greater brand recognition, as well as your brand’s appeal to socially-minded consumers. Additionally, corporate philanthropy improves the motivation and loyalty of employees. They feel a sense of pride that they work in a company that invests in the community they live in.

How can I donate as a company?
• There are several ways to donate: as a sponsorship or as a donation, and that can be done with a financial transaction on our account or as in-kind in material goods for our ongoing activities.
• If you would like to make a corporate donation to YMCA, contact Viktor Illiev at
• We provide different levels of benefits for our corporate partners and donors, we are happy to discuss the benefits with you further through in a meeting that can be arranged at your leisure.
If you would like to make an in kind donation, YMCA is currently accepting donations of: computers, office materials, camp equipment, sport equipment, goods that can be used as promotional material and in printing services.

Donate in the GLOW & YMLP Youth Development Program

YMCA Bitola main activity is GLOW & YMLP Youth Development Program consisting of two national leadership camps Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) and the Young Men's Leadership Project (YMLP), as well as the campers alumni clubs.

The mission of YMCA and the GLOW and YMLP Youth Development Progrаm is to empower the young people and develop the inherent potential they have by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become active leaders in their communities. This is realized through experiential education that celebrates diversity, builds academic and social competencies.

This is realized through eight-day, multi-cultural camps that promote leadership, civic engagement, and friendship. GLOW and YMLP are implemented by the Youth Association YMCA in partnership with Peace Corps Macedonia and are staffed by YMCA, Peace Corps Volunteers, and GLOW & YMLP camper alumni. The lessons include civic responsibility, leadership, environment, youth employability, personal development and women's empowerment. In addition, the camps provide opportunities for outdoor camping, teamwork, learning different sports and recreation, artistic expression and other useful and practical skills.

The impact of the camps is intensified through GLOW and YMLP leadership clubs, which provide an outlet where GLOW and YMLP alumni can share what they learned at camp with their community, though monthly activities focused on leadership and service to their communities.

How do I donate to the GLOW and YMLP Youth Development Program?
• You can donate either as individual or as a company, which is explained in the above sections, so we can provide leadership training to 160+ youth every year.
• For accepting individual donations, we conduct a crowdfunding campaign every year (in November).
• For accepting corporate donations and celebrating the camp success, we organize reception for our corporate partners every year (in October).