Volunteer service

GLOW and YMLP Clubs Leading Positive Change in Their Communities! Every year, our GLOW and YMLP campers reconvene in their communities to initiate and lead a series of service projects throughout Macedonia. All service projects are developed within regional YMLP and GLOW clubs – local, youth-led clubs which empower young […]

GLOW & YMLP Service Projects 2018

Mosaic was European Voluntary Service trying to merge several different aspects of life and making them work together, blending them into one big picture. Done mostly in Bitola, it was a service project for two Spanish volunteers, Lidia and Andrea, and one Romanian, Luca. First important aspect of the whole […]

Mosaic in Bitola

Today,  the Internet usage apart from providing us with space in which we create, publish, distribute and use various content information, also enables us to self-express where we often find ourselves in situations where we become the victim or the abuser and breaking human rights by using hate speech, with […]

A survey for the hate speech use

YMCA Bitola since 2016 is part of the National Hate Speech Committee, which is part of the Hate Speech Movement, which is actually a youth campaign of the Council of Europe and is fighting for human rights on the Internet, reducing the level of acceptance of speech to hate, develop […]

No Hate activities

Free Waves is a short term EVS (European Volunteer Service, Erasmus + Programme, EU Programme) project organized in Ommen, the Netherlands targeted for individuals with disadvantaged opportunities. The project is divided in two segments twice in 2 months. Each of these segments is opened to a different group of volunteers […]

Free waves Project in the Netherlands