Mладинска размена “Game On” во Холандија @ Ommen, The Netherlands
Aug 23 – Sep 3 all-day

GAME ON is all about encouraging the active participation of youngsters through outdoor games and activities. This time our intention is to create a playground for young people in which they can explore the dynamics of working with others and exchange different forms and methods of inclusion.

The focus of the Youth Exchange is:
Through games and activities, as well as other practical tasks (such as preparing meals and taking care of the venue) we would like to discover simple ways how to cooperate with each other towards a common goal. This will improve one owns employability skills at many levels.

The call is open for team leader as well as for participants.

First part: Advanced Planning Visit (APV)

WHEN: 3-5 May, 2019 (2,5 days excluding travel days)

Who: 1 group leader and 1 participant (both of them attending the YE as well)
Where: Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, the Netherlands

APV will focus on creating the youth exchange:
● designing and delivering activities
● creating our working method
● discussing further steps regarding the preparation of the YE

Second part: Youth Exchange (YE)

WHEN: 23rd August – 3rd September, 2019 (12 days excluding travel days)

Who: 1 group leader and 4 participants
Where: Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, the Netherlands

The focus of the Youth Exchange is:
● creating a playful environment with 50 youngsters from 10 countries
● participants exchange and deliver their own activities

For the Macedonians are available 5 placements. Applicants will be given possibility to attend based on the principle ‘first come first served’ until the places are filled, with the priority given to the ones having been part of our GLOW&YMLP camps and clubs. For this reason, a CV will be asked from the applicants showing interest on our mail. For further applicants, a waiting list will be created and if someone cancels in the meantime, the next on the list will fill the emptied position, for which it will be notified. Always check your mail to see if you are that person!

The travel costs will be reimbursed on spot in cash according Erasmus Plus rules in amount of 275 EUR.

For this event there is:75 EUR participation fee (excluding the team leader) 15 EUR sending fee (including the team leader).

Deadline for submitting the application forms is:  

APV until the 1st of April
YE until the 17th of June

Find the Info-letter with more details here , read carefully and then write an email of interest at

In the info-letter it says that the application goes through which is also valid mail address.