CLUBS of GLOW & YMLP campers
Jan 1 – Dec 31 all-day

The mission of YMCA and the GLOW & YMLP Youth Development Progrаm is to empower the young people and develop the inherent potential they have by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become active leaders in their communities. This is realized through experiential education that celebrates diversity, builds academic and social competencies.

GLOW & YMLP Clubs are youth-led clubs housed in diverse communities around the country. The clubs provide an opportunity for young men and women to become leaders in their communities. These youth are often GLOW or YMLP Camp alumni who, through GLOW and YMLP Club activities, are able to apply what they have learned at camp about leadership and civic engagement in their communities. Clubs hold two meetings monthly and are responsible for one community service project each school semester.

In 2018, GLOW and YMLP clubs have implemented an exciting new model for alumni of our program to interact with as club members in order to better accommodate accessibility of the GLOW and YMLP program for youth all over the country. This model incorporates two different ways GLOW and YMLP clubs can be realized. GLOW and YMLP Regional clubs create spaces where club leaders and members follow a specific program with enhanced support from YMCA, while GLOW and YMLP Satellite Clubs allow camp alumni to be creative and flexible in the implementation of their clubs in their local communities.

GLOW/YMLP Regional Clubs are the 7 flagship GLOW & YMLP clubs in Macedonia. They receive a higher level of support from YMCA, which includes funding, mentoring, and unique opportunities for training and skill development, and thus have more rigorous national standards which they must complete to fulfill their obligations as a club. The organization of clubs in this way allows YMCA and your club coordinators to be more engaged in your club efforts. The 7 Regional Clubs for the 2018-2019 school year include: Bitola, Kocani, Gevgelija, Skopje, Stip, Struga, and Tetovo.

GLOW and YMLP Satellite Clubs will be found this year in locations like Gostivar, Strumica, and Kumanovo. They are clubs formed by dedicated camp alumni who have stepped up into leadership roles in their community in the best tradition of GLOW and YMLP. These clubs are more flexible in their responsibilities, and while they have the opportunity to receive more tangible support from YMCA also have the option of creating their own club experience. Satellite clubs are welcome to participate in meetings, events, and service projects near their local Regional Club. They also have the opportunity to transition into Regional Clubs in Future years.

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Photo from the GLOW & YMLP clubs in Tetovo


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GLOW and YMLP Clubs began in 2000 and 2016 respectively in order to provide camp alumni with an opportunity to apply the lessons they learned at Camps GLOW and YMLP in their communities. With a strong commitment to equality and diversity GLOW and YMLP clubs focus on curriculum tracks like environmentalism, civic responsibility, personal development, leadership, youth employability and women’s empowerment. Clubs prepare and propel youth to compose their leadership skills so that they may become the leaders in their communities, and in the world. GLOW and YMLP Clubs formally partnered with YMCA Bitola in 2016.