CLUBS of GLOW & YMLP campers
Jan 1 – Dec 31 all-day

The mission of YMCA and the GLOW & YMLP Youth Development Progrаm is to empower the young people and develop the inherent potential they have by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become active leaders in their communities. This is realized through experiential education that celebrates diversity, builds academic and social competencies.

GLOW & YMLP Clubs are youth-led clubs housed in diverse communities around the country. The clubs provide an opportunity for young men and women to become leaders in their communities. These youth are often GLOW or YMLP Camp alumni who, through GLOW and YMLP Club activities, are able to apply what they have learned at camp about leadership and civic engagement in their communities. Clubs hold two meetings monthly and are responsible for one community service project each school semester.

In 2018, GLOW and YMLP clubs have implemented an exciting new model for alumni of our program to interact with as club members in order to better accommodate accessibility of the GLOW and YMLP program for youth all over the country. This model incorporates two different ways GLOW and YMLP clubs can be realized. GLOW and YMLP Regional clubs create spaces where club leaders and members follow a specific program with enhanced support from YMCA, while GLOW and YMLP Satellite Clubs allow camp alumni to be creative and flexible in the implementation of their clubs in their local communities.

GLOW/YMLP Regional Clubs are the 7 flagship GLOW & YMLP clubs in Macedonia. They receive a higher level of support from YMCA, which includes funding, mentoring, and unique opportunities for training and skill development, and thus have more rigorous national standards which they must complete to fulfill their obligations as a club. The organization of clubs in this way allows YMCA and your club coordinators to be more engaged in your club efforts. The 7 Regional Clubs for the 2018-2019 school year include: Bitola, Kocani, Gevgelija, Skopje, Stip, Struga, and Tetovo.

GLOW and YMLP Satellite Clubs will be found this year in locations like Gostivar, Strumica, and Kumanovo. They are clubs formed by dedicated camp alumni who have stepped up into leadership roles in their community in the best tradition of GLOW and YMLP. These clubs are more flexible in their responsibilities, and while they have the opportunity to receive more tangible support from YMCA also have the option of creating their own club experience. Satellite clubs are welcome to participate in meetings, events, and service projects near their local Regional Club. They also have the opportunity to transition into Regional Clubs in Future years.

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Photo from the GLOW & YMLP clubs in Tetovo


Follow the activities of the clubs all over the country on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube.


GLOW and YMLP Clubs began in 2000 and 2016 respectively in order to provide camp alumni with an opportunity to apply the lessons they learned at Camps GLOW and YMLP in their communities. With a strong commitment to equality and diversity GLOW and YMLP clubs focus on curriculum tracks like environmentalism, civic responsibility, personal development, leadership, youth employability and women’s empowerment. Clubs prepare and propel youth to compose their leadership skills so that they may become the leaders in their communities, and in the world. GLOW and YMLP Clubs formally partnered with YMCA Bitola in 2016.

Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) @ Begova Korija (Shula Mina)
Jul 25 – Aug 1 all-day

The mission of YMCA and the GLOW and YMLP Youth Development Progrаm is to is to empower the young people and develop the inherent potential they have by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become active leaders in their communities. This is realized through experiential education that celebrates diversity, builds academic and social competencies.

GLOW – Girls Leading Our World – is an eight-day, multi- cultural camp for 80 young women that promotes leadership, civic engagement, and friendship. GLOW is implemented by the Youth Association YMCA in partnership with Peace Corps and it is staffed by YMCA, Peace Corps Volunteers, and GLOW alumni. GLOW is an annual summer program that has been held in North Macedonia since 2002 in various locations. GLOW empower the young leaders to create positive changes in their communities.


The core curriculum of GLOW includes:
Leadership – Campers become role models in their communities.
Civic Responsibility – Campers will learn about their community and how to become active participants in shaping it.
Women’s Empowerment – Campers will be empowered to become equal partners and decision makers in their communities.
Youth Employability – Campers will learn how to develop, market, and employ their skills to search for and attain future employment.
Environmentalism – Campers will learn how to appreciate and positively impact the environment.

Additionally camp offer Special Elective Classes. Examples include: American sports (baseball, ultimate frisbee, American football), music, yoga, creative writing, other outdoor activities. and more.


GLOW is an American-style summer camp. Campers rotate between sleeping in cabins or in tents. In addition to attending classes, students learn about environmental awareness and participate in outdoor activities. During camp, teams will compete at Field Day. This competition will help develop a team bond through intellectual and physical games. On the last day of camp, campers will also participate in a local service project where they will apply skills learned at camp that will help them serve in their communities. Even though the majority of this camp occurs outdoors, the camp will run in all types of weather, sun or rain!


To ensure the safety of all campers, the following camp policies are enforced. Violation of any of these rules may result in dismissal from camp.

1. Buddy System – Campers must always be with at least one other camper at all times.
2. Camp Schedule – All campers are on time for all sessions and activities. Campers will stay in the designated location until dismissed by the advising staff member.
3. Attendance – All sessions are mandatory unless otherwise indicated.
4. After hours – Campers are expected to be in their designated sleeping areas as directed by the camp staff.
5. Positive Attitude – Respect and understanding of fellow campers and staff is expected at all times.
6. English language – Every camper is expected to speak only English at camp. Camp is delivered in English and the rule is enforced to promote unity and respect of campers from all backgrounds.
7. Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol – Drugs, cigarettes, and drinking alcoholic beverages are strictly PROHIBITED.
8. Mobile Phones, Tablets & Laptops – Use of all technology by campers is PROHIBITED during all camp activities. Campers will be allowed to use mobile phones during scheduled breaks.


GLOW is open to all young women who are entering years 1-4 of secondary school the following autumn and be proficient in writing and speaking English. All programs are in English. Returning GLOW participants who are invited to return in leadership positions within the camp including the Counselors in Training (CiT) and staff positions may be attending university.

GLOW is looking for applicants who possess strong leadership potential and a commitment to community service as demonstrated in school events and volunteer work. Eligible applicants MUST be available for the entire camp week.


The application timeline is as follows:

(1) Application Period: April 1-30:Prospective campers apply to camp via the online application.
(2) Camper Interviews: April 1-May 31: Selected applicants are interviewed by a GLOW representative in a nearby community.
(3) Notification: June 1: Campers will be notified via email of their application status (accepted, waitlisted, etc.) by early June. (4) Camp Preps: June 1-20: Campers must pay the fee, submit required forms and prepare for camp!
(5) Wait list: June 1-July 22: Wait listed participants will be notified of potential openings.
(6) Camp Date: July 25-28.

Application for, the camp can be found HERE.



Caring              – To care for yourself, community, and others.
Honesty           – To be truthful in what you say and do.
Respect           – To treat all people, yourself and your community, with dignity and acceptance.
Responsibility – To be accountable for your promises and actions.
Courage           – To face challenges and lead.
Creativity         – To find new solutions to challenges.
Passion            – To find your inspiration to create change.


GLOW is held at the Begova Korija’s Campground (formerly known as Shula Mina) located in the city of Krushevo.

The campers will stay in dormitories equipped with beds with access to toilets and showers. For a few nights, they will be staying in camping tents with sleeping bags.

Can parents or family members visit GLOW?
Visitors are allowed to attend a special camp tour for parents and other interested parties organized by YMCA staff upon request. Outside of this special tour, GLOW cannot accommodate extra unscheduled visitors throughout the week, except in the case of an emergency or picking up a camper.


Transportation to Krushevo is the responsibility of each participant. Transportation from the Krushevo bus station to the camp ground for all participant’s luggage is provided by GLOW. Walking directions to the camp ground will be provided by GLOW staff on the day of arrival.


Thanks to generous philanthropic support from our corporate sponsors and individual donors, YMCA covers 90% of the operating expenses. Campers have to pay a participation fee of 2.300 MKD. Campers are also expected to arrange and purchase their own transportation to/from Krushevo.

Camper cost includes accommodation, three meals and two snacks per day, camper materials, programming costs, and group insurance during the camp. Campers are required to pay the fee after their acceptance and before attending the camp. Payment process information is provided when the camper is notified of selection.

If a camper is unable to pay the camp fee, then may apply for a full scholarship via email after acceptance:


What happens if my daughter is sick or hurt? Is there a doctor at camp?
A doctor is present during the entire week of camp to offer support as needed. The doctor is a trained professional and has experience working with youth. YMCA will secure medical supplies for general first aid purposes. If campers require more advanced medical attention, we will take the camper to a nearby medical facility. If a camper has any prescription medication needs or pre-existing medical conditions, it is important camp staff is notified via the required medical form.

What if something happens to a camper? Does camp have insurance?
Our insurance provider protects and covers all campers from injury or accident during camp. In addition, we have a dedicated night watch team that provides 24-hour surveillance. Because safety is our number one priority, YMCA also has an emergency evacuation plan, should the camp need to be evacuated because of wild fires, natural disasters, or other emergency.

What food options are available at camp?
Beside the regular menu which doesn’t include pork, vegetarian and vegan (non-dairy) options are also available at every meal. Campers will be asked for their food option and food allergies (via the medical form) before camp. The camp menu includes three balanced meals and two snacks a day.


Campers should bring enough clothes for the entire week including:

– Clothing for the duration of the camp (8 days)
o Comfortable, warm clothing (it may be cold during morning or night)
o Clothes for the outdoors (campers may get dirty)
o Extra socks and underwear
o Athletic clothes
– Sneakers, trainers, or gym shoes, sandals
– Towel
– Toiletries
o Toothbrush and toothpaste
o Shampoo and Soap
o Sunscreen (suggested)
o Bug Spray (suggested)
o Appropriate medication (if needed)

– Snacks for between meals
– Plastic Bag for dirty or wet laundry
– Money to purchase snacks or drinks
– Reusable water bottle (suggested)
– Backpack (suggested)
– Flashlight
– Sleeping Bag + pad (can be rented at camp for 300 MKD for the entire week)

LEARN MORE ABOUT CAMP GLOW via: #CampGLOW Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram

At anytime, questions and comments may be directed towards the following email address:


  • Camp GLOW is operated and staffed by 30 adults comprising YMCA staff, Peace Corps volunteers, and GLOW camper alumni. Camp GLOW is developed and operated by YMCA with partnership from Peace Corps.
  • Camps are funded in large part by our partners and supporters including: OKTA, Mermeren Kombinat, TAV Airports, AlkaloidKromberg & Schubert, and dozens of individual contributors to our annual crowdfunding campaign.
  • We have worked together with our friends at the US Embassy since the beginning of the GLOW & YMLP Youth Development Program.

Info graphic from the survey at Camp GLOW 2018

GLOW History

Camp GLOW began in Romania in 1995. Three Peace Corps Volunteers and four Romanian teachers took 80 young women to a mountain campsite for a week long leadership camp… Since that first camp in Romania, Peace Corps has actively supported Camp GLOW in other Peace Corps countries… In each country Peace Corps Volunteers and host-country nationals adapt Camp GLOW to reflect the realities of the young women in their local communities. While the content and styles of Camp GLOW vary, certain principles and themes exist through all the camps. These principles and themes include developing leadership skills, improving self esteem, increasing knowledge of women’s health issues, respecting and caring for the environment, and promoting the belief that every young woman can make a difference in their community.

In 2000, Peace Corps Volunteers in North Macedonia determined there was a need for Camp GLOW after informally leading groups of young women in their communities. This project was first realized in the form of a three-day seminar facilitated by Peace Corps Volunteers and Host Country Nationals. Over the years, it has evolved into a week long summer program coupled with local clubs promoting the values and knowledge gained from attending the camp. The participants come from all over the country, representing the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country. At GLOW, campers develop skills in teamwork and leadership that they will carry with them into adulthood. As a result, these young women are prepared to lead the country in a positive direction in the future. GLOW has operated in North Macedonia since 2002 in various locations and has been partnered with YMCA Bitola since 2015.


Долгорочен ЕВС проект во ИМКА Глобал во Норвешка @ Haugesund KFUK-KFUM, Norway
Aug 1 2019 – Jul 31 2020 all-day



European Volunteer Service (EVS) in YWCA-YMCA Global, part of the YWCA-YMCA of Norway

We are looking for one person from Macedonia on EVS in Norway for 12 months starting from May 2019.

Short-term aims:

  1. to raise awareness among young people in Norway, Palestine, Macedonia and Romania about the injustices young people in other countries are facing, and to create solidarity between them;
  2. to give young people in these countries knowledge / skills to take action to address these injustices, for example through campaigning, communications, peer education

Long-term aims:

  1. to build the capacity of the partner organizations to promote international solidarity and action between and by young people, so that this work can continue, even after the exchange ends;
  2. to produce changes in unjust policies that are affecting young people;
  3. to contribute to building a global movement of young people working for justice across borders and cultures.

All volunteers will:

  1. attend strategic events – for example large scale youth festivals and summer camps where they can mobilize large numbers of Norwegians to  become globally aware /active
  2. run Training of Trainers so that the leaders being trained can pass on the knowledge and skills to their groups. Topics might include the Occupation of Palestine; how to become a Peacemaker; etc.
  3. help to create resources that can be used to deliver training even after they leave – for example short films; photos; case studies. – the website for the local organization – the website for the whole organization