Common Standards of YMCA Camps Management and Training, Finland

28/08/2017 – 03/09/2017 all-day
Harva Camp Island
Harva Island
Common Standards of YMCA Camps Management and Training, Finland @ Harva Camp Island

This project is a part of wider and long-term international cooperation coordinated by YMCA Europe. It’s called “YMCA Camps in Europe “. The organizational team is reminding you the essential information, which will keep you aware of the reasons and overall objectives as well as help you to recruit good participants.
Objectives of the project:
– Strengthening regular cooperation between the associations with a purpose setting common standards of camping systems to achieve synergy effect
– Creation of a training system that could be adopted by various YMCA movements
– Equalizing and increasing opportunities: the project itself is a good opportunity for youth associations that don’t have long traditions of organizing youth camps – being in a training system can allow to pick up required knowledge and skills quickly
– Output of useful learning materials: manual, adoption of best practices to the training curriculum.
• Participant profile
– Age; 20 and more
– Experience of work at camps or outdoor activities
– Interest in organising work for other people: planning, logistic, fundraising, marketing, administrating human resources
– Ability of work as a youth leader or administration staff at a summer camp in the summer of 2017 and 2018
– Ability of work in international, multicultural team
– Readiness for dissemination the output in the follow-up process
– Communicative language skills (English)

• Travel:
– The participants need to plan their travel to the city of Turku.
– Arrival: Monday 28.08.2017. Departure: Sunday 03.09.2017.
– The meeting point is the Railway Station in Turku.
– If you travel from Helsinki Airport Vantaa (187km) you can travel easily by train from airport to Tikkurila, and then to Turku.
– If you travel from Turku Airport (28 km), you can take a local bus.
– You will have a free YMCA shuttle bus from Turku Railway Station to the harbour on the day of arrival. The same shuttle bus will be provided on your back travel.
– To the Camp Island the participants will be taken by boat. The name of the harbour is Heinänokka. From there, you will have a Y-scout boat transfer (non
stop) to the island, which is approximately 1 km from the harbour.
– In case of earlier arrival, you can contact Pete for assistance or arrange your travel and days before the conference (accommodation) on your own.
More travel information will be provided closer to the conference, when we know the travel details of participants.
• Accommodation:
– Wooden cabins with possibility of outdoor sleeping
– Rooms: two separate rooms for 18 and 24 persons, beds in two levels; two trainerrooms for 8 and 8 persons, one separate cabin of camp leaders for 2-3 persons.
• What to take:
– Needed: a towel, sheet, pillowcase and sleeping back.
– You can bring a hammock for outdoor sleeping
– Comfortable clothes and shoes for outdoor and water activities
– A hat and windproof jacket
– Small bag for trips and activities
– Insect repel
– Sun cream and sun classes, we will be on the water
– Traditional food and drink to intercultural exchange night
– Materials, posters, flyers, merchandising, information about your organization (prepare 10-minute presentation about camping program of your association)
– Your country flag.
• Registration:
Online registration by July 15. The link will be provided in the beginning of June.
• Fee:
– EUR 30, – per person.
– The fee includes food, accommodation, transportation from/to Turku Railway Station
conference facilities and programme cost.
• Travel cost reimbursement:
– The cost will be reimbursed during the event in cash (EUR) after fulfilling the forms and providing original proofs (tickets, receipts, boarding passes).
– Return tickets must be purchased before the start of the journey
– Electronic plane (bus, train) tickets will be accepted together with the proof of payment or invoice from the travel agency (e-version is approved) and on presentation of the boarding pass for the outward journey.
– In case of paper tickets original proofs are required. The participants will be asked to post them after returning home, unless they provide other original proof e.g. receipt.
– According to Erasmus+ regulations you can come 2 days prior the vent for visiting the country. If you come earlier than two days the travel costs will be not reimbursed.
Travel cost reimbursement is guaranteed to the partners of the Erasmus+ project
Up to EUR 360 per person– Macedonia (3)
• Insurance
All participants are obliged to take their travel insurance policies.
• Required information
– Please provide us your travel details: arrival/ departure dates, time and flight numbers as soon as possible. Also please provide us the price of your tickets – it’s to prepare reimbursement well.
– If you want us to book extra nights, we need the request by Aug 15. 2017.

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