Four years ago was organized the first meeting of the NGS of YMCA movements from all over Europe. They were discussing the most relevant hot topics and challenges that are present in the YMCA’s in Europe. Since then this Forum of NGS has become a key strategic working platform for YMCA Europe.

The meeting this year was held in Rome from 23 to 25 of November and hosted by YMCA Italy, welcoming 34 participants from 26 different countries. YMCA Macedonia has been present in all the meetings so far thanks to the support of YMCA Europe.
This year the main working sessions were: the Strategy 2016-2020, opening the office in Brussels and Movement Strengthening process. Besides that, the NGS had opportunity to hear updates on the latest developments on migrants and refugees from the Italian Council on Refugees as well as latest initiatives from the YMCA World presented by Ian Green.

Last evening the participants had opportunity to interact in a non-formal Italian setting and the next day the host offered a tour in The Vatican Museum. For the next year 5th NGS Forum, YMCA Europe received invitation to be hosted by YMCA Portugal.

Photo gallery of the event.

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