Sport is an important part of the YMCA movement worldwide. In YMCA Europe since 1952 there is a programme group European Sport YMCA (ESY) that organizes sport activities and it’s committed to promote a healthy life. For several years YMCA Macedonia has been a part of this group. This year, as part of the activities of ESY it was organized a championship in volleyball that was organized in Skopje in the period from 28-31st of May 2015 that was organized by YMCA Skopje. On the event participated many sports teams from different national YMCAs from few countries across Europe: Finlans, Germany, Macedonia and Sweden, that have sent 12 teams to the championships.

Competitions were divided into several categories: men, women and juniors. New European champions in volleyball are: Finland (men), Germany (women) and Macedonia (Junior women). In the category junior men there were only two friendly games between two Macedonian teams and the German team.

In addition to the sport tournament, there was offered some cultural highlights: a city walk, a visit to the holocaust museum and the opportunity to participate in an orthodox service.


Big gratitude and recognition to the team of YMCA Skopje that made this championships an unforgettable event. Volker Kamin, chairman of the ESY, thanked YMCA Macedonia during the winner ceremony for hosting a successful championship.

Besides volleyball, every second year ESY organize championships in basketball, handball and table tennis. Follow the activities of ESY group on the website of YMCA Europe.

Photo gallery of the event.

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