From 14th May to 17th May 2015, YMCA General Assembly took place in Tallinn, Estonia in the facilities of Meriton Grand Conference Hotel where took active participation more than 130 delegates representing 38 different countries. Our representatives Elena Jovevska from YMCA Skopje and Maja Ivkovska from YMCA Bitola had the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the leading teams of the YMCA movement, thus learn something more regarding the action trends of the global YMCA network.

The event was officially opened by Ed Eggink, President of the Executive Committee of YMCA Alliance who inspired the present guests with uplifting ideas for the present and the future of the YMCA movement in Europe as he stressed on key questions impacting the youth as well as the European communities. The General Secretary of YMCA Europe Marcio Barcelos in his address to the participants presented specific suggestions with regards to the social sector role in today’s time Europe and the manner in which the YMCA movement may play a key role in the social transformation.

This year’s Assembly had 2 main goals: 4 consecutive years retrospective where the main focus was on main achievements in European Strategy and discussions for Strategy Plan 2016-2020. The General Assembly was comprised of 6 interesting groups from the field of: Finance, World Alliance, Y’s Men Europe, Christian Orientation Group and the Brussels Branch with the aim to secure more detailed information and answers on the respective questions.

Furthermore, table talk series were arranged where each participant had the opportunity to actively participate in a consultation process in any of the work platforms so as to identify relevant views for the new strategy.


Our participants also took participation in the ”Path to Progress” seminar which was simultaneously held in Tallinn between 11th and 17th May 2015. The Seminar was a preparatory tool for the YMCA General Assembly 2015. The YES network participants through active discussions prepared for the Assembly. From the total number of Assembly participants, 40% were YES Network representatives all younger than 30 years old and representing 27 different countries.

In order for better information about the YES Network and its function, representatives of YE’s Ten Sing Group, Christian Orientation Group as well as Mr. Ed Eggink took part in the sessions.

The seminar was consisted of 7 day training courses, workshops and team work that allowed each participant to actively participate in the decision making process specifically for the YES Network. The participants also had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas for subsequent strengthening and mutual collaboration within the YES and YMCA Network.

The main goal of the YES Seminar is through development of mutual collaboration to connect youth and establish functional YMCA system on a national as well as regional level.


Photo gallery of the event.

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