Pristina 2014. The place where a decade ago the ground was burning. Today, 36 young people from 10 countries are gathered, each with their own views, assumptions and all with one goal – an aspiration for PEACE. Following the initiative Roots4Reconciliation, Balkan Tandem Group with the cooperation of YMCA Europe and support from European Youth Foundation, organized 6 days of training titled “Bridges for the Future”.

During these days we experienced things that will remain in our memories forever. From 6th till 11th of September, we tirelessly learned to work as a group to overcome the differences that politics used to impose to us. Peace isn’t just a dream. Today, the chance to make that dream a reality was given to us.

We live in a time when information is power and in an age when information ignorance is a choice. No one forced us, no one commanded us to stay here. We stayed simply to see humans co-exist with those around him – no differences, no religions, no races, only we, human beings. Our idea for working together in this field comes from Jimi Hendrix’s words: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the World will know peace.”

“Join hands! Promote peace! Following that idea, we will make our best efforts to encourage young people to spread their message for peace in their community”, said Andrea, one of the young leaders among us. The youngest participant between us shared, “no matter when, here or there, we must promote the idea for peace through cooperation between the countries that will continue into the future”.


How does it feel to see all these young people coming from different surroundings to face the reality that differences between them still persist and the leading forces of change are exactly here, in this same spot? Viktor, one of facilitators for this seminar shared his views of the event. “I am inspired to notice the change of the mindset of the generations. Today, in front of me I see young people coming from different countries working together, sharing their vision of PEACE by putting their dreams into concrete multimedia products so they can make an impact in their countries”.

Have a passion for PEACE. Let the problems away. Think to contribute to the main idea. But, let’s be real. We are all activated to finish our tasks on time. However, there are still wars elsewhere in the world. We still see crying children on the news at 7 pm. We still don’t overlook the stereotypes and prejudices of others. But do we need to sit here and expect peace without activating?


This is why the Roots for Reconciliation is supported, not only on local level, but also worldwide. Through a variety of creative ways, we will show to the world that we can succeed if we share the same enthusiasm and willingness to work. We are ready to take a step ahead in order to find a solution for peace and to spread the message in every possible occasion. Together we can make this happen! UNITED FOR PEACE.

Photo gallery of the event.

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