The Y-Movie program continues to record new and interesting videos, thanks to our hard-working volunteers who are in love with the camera. Their love and dedication are developing at YMCA Bitola where they are contributing with creative visualization and showcasing YMCA’s events and activities.

Don’t forget to look at the latest video dedicated to the YMLP 2013, where you can feel the camping spirit and the natural environment of last year’s camp. This video shows the best activities of leadership, teamwork, sport games, and friendship.

YMLP is a unique opportunity for all boys between the ages of 14 and 18 from around Macedonia to gather in one place and to improve their potential. YMLP camp is a YMCA Bitola program in partnership the Peace Corps, supported by the American Embassy in Macedonia.  It is one of the biggest camps in Macedonia for non-formal education and with that one of the most important programs in YMCA Bitola.

In addition, the YMCA World Challenge was held. It was YMCA’s birthday and jubilee. This year YMCA celebrated 170 years all over the world under the motto: “I will stand up for youth, will you?” #Stand4Youth. Part of this project was an online petition for everyone all over the world to sign in support of youth. In addition, a global video from all YMCA organizations around the world was made. Mosaic and united it sends a strong message to all youth in the world and those engaged in youth needs. Watch the video that was recorded with YMCAs team and volunteers. With this video city of Bitola was set on the world map together with other cities around the world where YMCA organizations act.

Another activity conducted on the birthday itself, 6 June on the Magnolija Square was YMCA Bitola actively encouraging the citizens to voice their needs, their dreams and to support the youth through signing the petition. For that cause, another video was recorded showing this event as a successful commitment for supporting youth in Macedonia. The citizens of Bitola contributed with their unselfishness and care about the future of youth.

Stay tuned for the upcoming videos at our YouTube Chanel!

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