Voluntary service

Volunteering is the best way to gain experience, learn new skills, build own resume, personal and professional development, travel and helping our community at the same time. YMCA Bitola encourages young people to get involved and volunteer in our activities. They can be part of the service projects we do, they can be part of the GLOW & YMLP Clubs Macedonia, participate and support of the civic iniciative Bitola on Bike or you can be part of many other exhibitions and excursions, or other social events organized for fun.

YMCA Bitola also offers opportunities for international voluntering service through volunteering in Europe with covered costs! That can be realized through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program. The EVS program now goes under the European Solidarity Corps and offers the volunteer an opportunity to work on a project in non-profit organization in a European country and thus to gain an unforgettable international experience. The volunteer chooses in which country and on what project to volunteer, and the costs are covered!



Training is a process of learning. It involves the application of acquired knowledge aiming at better performance of young people, while development involves not only the related process of developing, but, also helps young people in building up their personalities at the same time as improving their progress towards the actualization of their full potentials.

Through different kinds of personal and professional development trainings in our country and abroad, we enable our young people to gain the necessary knowledge and skills and to grow with developed character so they can better answer to the now day needs !

We provide our members with information for available trainings. Most of these events are part of the ERASMUS+ program, and all the costs are covered. For more information about available trainings check the Training calendar.



The program is based on a combination of non-formal and outdoor education which is a trend in more developed countries. From the very beginnings we joined in development of the Balkan camp that was a platform for training of Balkan YMCA's camp leaders. Since then our members take part in more camps and other camp events (filled with learning, outdoor activities, entertainment and socializing) organized by YMCA Bitola or by some of our partner organizations. In the recent years we have given contribution and work into the YMCA Europe Camping Group and the non formal networks International Synergy Group and Outdoor as a Tool Network which resulted with cooperation with many camp providers organizations.

Young Men's Leadership Project (YMLP) and Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)  are the main camp programs that we are focused at the moment. YMLP is a camp for boys that has been organized since 2006, and GLOW is a camp for girls that has been organized since 2002. The purpose of these camps is personal and professional development in a safe environment where young people from different ethnic, religious and social background will learn and develop jointly.


Children rights

Children have to be aware of their rights and responsibilities from their early age and that is why YMCA cooperates with primary and secondary schools in our project activities. The main objective is strengthening the youth participation at all levels of decision-making on issues that directly affects them.
The methods of our activities are through support of school pupil's organizations at their formation, their capacity building, school activism, introducing of the model of Child Ombudsman in schools, introducing the Index of Children Rights, advocacy for the pupil's organizations, activities for integration of children from different ethnic and social backgrounds, etc.
We cooperate with several institutions, and our strategic partner in this field is the Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA.

Civic sector

The civil society with involvement and active contribution of all stakeholders in public policies and processes is crucial for the development of local communities in which we live in and the society in general.

In this direction as an organization we follow and get involved in the process in which we have knowledge and experience in order to give our contribution and incentive to the development of the country in the field in which we operate. Generally it includes our participation in the development of youth work, youth policies and strategies, implementation of youth programs in schools, promotion, measures and strategies to encourage volunteering, encouraging philanthropy among citizens, institutions and companies, and others.

In the process we actively cooperate with other actors in society such as: youth organizations and other civil society organizations and coalitions (we are a member of the networks: Coalition of youth organizations SEGAUnion for Youth Work, Network for financial sustainability of CSOs, International Synergy Group and Outdoor as a Tool Network), primary and secondary schools, municipalities, companies, governmental and local institutions, and so on.


YMCA Macedonia

YMCA Macedonia emphasizes the interaction among our youth working together for personal development of spirit, mind and body. We stimulate our young people in their diversity and creativity providing opportunities for better future for all.

We see youth as our main target group, human recourse and development potential. We offer them possibilities for healthy development of spirit, mind and body through different group and personal activities involving creative work, intellectual challenges and getting new skills and knowledge. We empower all, especially young people to take increased responsibilities and assume leadership at all levels. We are building awareness of the cultural differences.

YMCA Macedonia actively collaborates with World YMCA on a few international youth programmes: Change Agents programme, World YMCA Challenge, the global research One Million Voices and also with YMCA Europe as part of Volunteers for Europe, YMCA Sport in the Working camp group.